What I Wrote About This Week

This week I wrote 5 longform articles, 2 of which are published right here on my blog


My Book Review Of Connecting With The “IN” Crowd by Brandon Wade

What Can’t You Get On Your Phone

Next week I plan on writing more articles on machine learning and artificial intelligence including one about how machine learning and artificial intelligence are working together.

On this blog I am going to write about creating content that sells products or services and the differences between the kinds of content that sells a product like a black mini fridge versus the type of content that sells high priced coaching or consulting services.

On Wednesday I’m going to write about what I learned from a year of playing high level poker online and how that relates to business and writing.

And a week from today I will have a post about my how my diet is going which doesn’t really have anything to do with business but I’m down 11 lbs this month and want to brag and talk about what I’ve learned about dieting.

So lots of content to come as always because I remain the king.