What Batching A Month of Video in 2 Days Looks Like!

I batched a full month of video content last Friday and Saturday.
This is what it actually looked like time-wise:
8-8:30 AM Friday Morning: Write out topics for all 12 (eventually 13 videos).
8:30-9:30 create 12 outlines with bullet points. I like to do this on paper as it just seems like ideas come faster when I am writing on paper. I attached a photo of one of these outlines.
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM record the first 6 videos. It took me A LONG time to start getting good content on Friday morning. It was just after Thanksgiving and I really wanted to blow it off but part of being a professional is doing stuff when you don’t feel like it. I also like to record each video at least 3 times because I find whether it’s a client or me it takes 2-3 run through to get it just right.
Also after I recorded the initial 6 videos, I made 1-minute preview videos for social media of all videos longer than 3.5 mins. So I recorded an extra 4 videos here.
After I finished recording the 6th video I took a break for lunch.
12:30 start uploading the first video, and editing. The first video I did was the “This week in Content Marketing” video I posted on Friday. This video was pretty clean but needed a newsroom background and a couple of other images, so that took about 30 mins or so. Then it took about 40 mins to render because the internet was being super slow.
1:08 PM: I posted the video.
1:30 PM: I upload video # 2, and it’s a book review which is about 7.5 mins, so it takes around an hour to edit and render.
2:30 PM: I upload video # 3 another long book review. Another hour or so of editing and rendering.
3:30-6:30 I edit and render the rest of the videos and upload them to Youtube using the new premiere feature.
All in all, it’s about 45 minutes of finished edited video.
Day 1 was REALLY long.
Day 2: Saturday
On Saturday I already had my outlines done, and I was more “in the zone” for speaking because I recorded so much the day before.
I started recording at 8 AM and was done by 9:30. Including making the 1 minute previews and an extra video because I had 13 unusual examples of content marketing I broke up into 2 parts.
9:30 AM I upload the first video.The internet was faster today because everyone wasn’t at home from work 😂
3:30 PM I upload the final video onto Youtube Premiere and my buddy Mo calls me to go to happy hr.
Overall I created 14 videos including 1-minute previews which will be all the video content I need for December other than that “This week in content marketing” feature which I’ll do live.
About 17 hours of work to produce a hair under 1.5 hours of video. Which is A LOT slower than it goes when I record products for clients because it always takes longer to do stuff for yourself for some reason.
Hope that helps shed some light on what batching content looks like!