Want To Increase Sales in 2017? Follow These Trends!


How did your business do in 2016?


With 2016 in the rear view mirror it’s a good time to sit down and look at your business goals.

One place that your business might be falling short is content marketing.

With urgent things to do in your business daily, you don’t have time to create the awesome content your business needs.

Plus, the way users consume content is constantly changing!

Over the last few years mobile video has exploded and now makes up 51% of total digital media consumption!

Furthermore, as of 2016 70% of all Internet traffic is to video and Youtube is the World’s second largest search engine after Google.


In this article, we’ll look at where content is going in 2017 and how you can ride these trends to success .Let’s get started!

7 Content Marketing Trends To Make Your Business A Success In 2017.

  1. Everyone needs CHEAP Adwords. One of the biggest complaints I hear from small business owners is that Adwords is TOO expensive! Enter my favorite content marketing trend for 2017 RLSA Re-targeting! To quickly summarize this technique, you start by installing a Re-targeting cookie on your website, next you need a great piece of content that you can promote on social sites like Linkedin and Facebook. Once you promote that to 1000 people or so you can re-target the Adwords ads to only display to those who read your content and are 25% more likely to buy. One of my clients Ed recently got 25 appointments and made sales of over $3500 with just $5 a day spent on Adwords! That’s how powerful RLSA re-targeting is, to see if this is a good fit for your business Get a FREE 5 minute consultation Today
  2. Pre-suasion. In his most recent book, Robert Cialdini the best selling author of “Influence” set his sights on what he believes will be the next big thing in marketing, Pre-suasion. He defines pre-suasion as what savvy communicators do before delivering their message in order to make it more effective. Pre-suasion is all about the process of arranging for your audience to be as receptive as possible BEFORE you even start pitching. All of this is even more crucial to an online business because you can arrange your website in such a way that it is extremely pre-suasive and here’s just one example from a client of mine: One of the tenets of attention is that when we are rushed, we don’t think about things deeply and instead take mental shortcuts. To encourage website visitors to sign up for a free chimney inspection we created a sign up box that pops up immediately offering a free consultation with a countdown clock on it. Because the offer is going to disappear in 10 seconds and the visitor is rushed 76% of visitors ended up signing up for the consultation!
  3. Going “Live” is going BIG. Live content whether on Facebook Live, Periscope or Google Hangouts is going to be HUGE in 2017. Live streaming has continued to grow each and every year since the 2014 World Cup set records, especially since Facebook is ACTIVELY promoting live content and making it easier to find, so you’ll want to start creating live content as soon as you can! Live content is engaging, low cost, and let’s you test ideas to create products or content that can be re-purposed later.
  4. The King Stays The King. Mobile Internet usage will continue to outpace desktop usage in 2017, and it won’t even honestly be that close as 51% of all Internet time is spent on mobile while only 42% is spent on desktops. Mobile Internet is here to stay and will continue to widen the gap between time spent surfing on our phones and time spent on our computers. That means you MUST optimize your website, emails and other online communications to be mobile friendly if you want to succeed in 2017 and beyond. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that your website uses AMP a free open source initiative which helps you create mobilized content once and use it all over the internet.
  5. Serial-ized content. Have you listened to the record setting podcast Serial? Season 1 focuses on a murder mystery, and leaves you on a cliffhanger weekly. To serialize means to create content which builds on itself and has continuity the way a book does with chapters. Serializing your content allows you to build anticipation for your next blog post, or product release. Another advantage of serialized content is that it allows you to break up larger blog posts or videos and create more content from what you already have.
  6. Chat is getting smart. You should already know that live chat is preferred by customers, cuts down on expenses and increases sales. But with new “smart” chat systems you can do even more. Smart chat allows you to book appointments, harvest leads, even make sales right then and there. If you use a website to make sales, book appointments or get leads, you should seriously consider adding a “smart” chat system like Boldchat
  7. Expanding your social curation. One thing we should have learned from the election is that many people self curate entirely too much and are making important declarations based on flawed samples. It’s here that I will also respectfully disagree with this article which states that in 2017 marketing will get even more niche. One of the problems that has developed is an overreliance on ASSUMING that what we want or what our friends want is what ALL customers want.. If brands and companies continue to just create content for those with the same viewpoints, they are doomed to fail.
Over 90 Percent of Online Businesses Fail
Over 90 Percent of Online Businesses Fail If you want to avoid becoming a statistic it’s up to you to create content that engages your audience and gives them a reason to pay attention to you. The great marketer Dan Kennedy once said “If you can get an audience of 1000 diehard fans, they’ll support you for the rest of your life.”

Great content will get you your 1000 die hard fans, so use these 7 trends that will be happening this year to create the content you need to be a success. I want to hear from you, besides the 7 I listed, what are the big trends in content marketing you’re seeing from your competitors? Leave me a comment below! P.S If you want a free video evaluation of your content marketing Click Here and scroll to the bottom of the page. I can only take the first 6 volunteers.