The 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Blogs for Business Owners

Artificial Intelligence is a dynamic and rapidly changing field of study.

By the time a book on AI is written and goes through the entire publishing cycle, it’s likely that the whole landscape of the industry will have changed by publication.

Because of this dynamic blogs are one of the best ways to keep up to date on the industry.

Especially if you are a small-business owner.

As a small business owner, it’s less important to you to understand what is at the cutting-edge of third generation technology like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

Instead, you need to pay attention to what is applicable for you and your business so that you don’t get left behind.

In that spirit, I present you with the 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Blogs for Business Owners.

1. Ai Trends.  While I don’t recommend following the trends in AI too quickly, there is always value in being ahead of the curve and knowing what technology is “hot” right now because it allows you to become an early adopter if the technology is a good fit for your business and to focus on other technologies if the current trend is not applicable.


2. Chat Bots Life. Chatbots are hands down the most appropriate and useful AI available to most business owners. The problem is that there is a HUGE difference in quality between chatbots and there are often many abilities and tasks the bots can perform for you that you might not even be aware of. Chat Bots Life is an excellent resource for everything Bots. They not only keep you up to date on the latest news in the bot world they also provide discounts to conferences and on specific services. If you have a business that might be interested in integrating bots, Chat Bots Life is a must read!


3.  Reddit/ AI. While Reddit is not technically a “blog,” the Reddit subforum dedicated to Artificial Intelligence is home to some of the best discussions about AI around. The forum is a mix of high-level technical discussions, trends and new services reviewed. One of the best parts of the Reddit AI forum is that you can interact with the people posting articles and get specific answers to questions you may have directly from the computer scientist’s mouth.

4.  Machine Learnings co. Machine is a medium aggregator that pulls together the best content on the platform related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The pieces aggregated by Machine are a wide variety of topics from the ethics of AI, to how to correctly prepare your organization for 3rd generation technology.




5.  Artificial Lawyer. One of the industries that are poised to be revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the legal field. Artificial Lawyer is the absolute best blog out there for keeping up with how data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are affecting change in the legal world. Besides just keeping the reader up to date on the AI news in the legal world Artificial Lawyer also presents case predictions and guides to integrating services such as Leverton and Casetext.

6. Amazon’s Machine Learning Blog. Let’s face the facts, Jeff Bezos and Amazon are going to rule the world. And if you run a business that in any way has to interact with Amazon whether it’s selling on their platform or being a supplier to one of their subsidiaries you probably want to keep an eye on what they are doing with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the fact that Amazon will own the world, the AWS blog is chockful of useful and applicable information on Machine Learning by high-level data scientists.

7. Inbenta. Inbenta is one of the best natural language processing AI services out there, and their blog consistently has useful articles on everything from chatbots to Enterprise and E-commerce search. If you are interested in having your finger on the pulse when it comes to everything Natural Language Processing be sure to check the Inbenta Blog weekly!


8. Top Bots. Top Bots is another excellent blog focused on bots and the internet of things. One of the things I like about Top Bots is that they feature a ton of interviews with top experts as part of their “AI for Growth” series. There’s a lot of fascinating and topical information on Top Bots.

9.  Clairfai blog. One of the major categories of problems that AI and ML can help your business with is visual problems. Whether you run an E-commerce site, real-estate company or anything in between Clairfai’s blog is an excellent resource for all things computer vision. While the blog is mostly focused on developments within the company, there is still a wealth of information to be gleaned from the blog.



10. Yseop Blog. Last but certainly not least we have the Yseop blog pronounced Easy-op. The Yseop blog is focused mainly on the world of finance, but since Yseop offers a variety of NLP related tools, the blog often covers more wide-ranging NLP concepts as well. Unfortunately, the Yseop blog is not updated that frequently but you can still get a lot of great information from the archives.

Ok, that’s going to wrap up this blog post on the 10 Artificial Intelligence blogs that small-business owners need to read!

In a few days, I will have a similar post with my ten favorite AI podcasts for small business owners; you won’t want to miss that.

And feel free to tell me what blogs you think I should have included on this list in the comments!