Stuff To Do In Vegas During Vegas Cosmetic Symposium 2017!


Hey there,

As most of you already know, I work a lot with cosmetic surgeons on creating authority positioning online and attracting high value patients.

This means I will be attending the 13th Annual Vegas Cosmetic Symposium and as a Las Vegas Local of several years I wanted to write a quick posting letting you know about some great places to eat, drink and have fun during the conference that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Vegas Cosmetic Symposium 2017

I’ll try to keep it short because Lord knows we all have stuff to do before the symposium.

Places to Eat:

Las Vegas is World renowned for it’s food with restaurants by pretty much every celebrity chef you can name, including Mark Wahlberg.

But I won’t be listing any of those places, instead I’m going to give you a few of my favorite local places that are every bit as delicious as the others but off the beaten path.

Herbs and Rye: Possibly the best restaurant in Vegas period, Herbs and Rye is a short Uber or cab ride away from the strip and boasts the best steaks in Vegas. Instead of booking a reservation at CUT or one of the other strip steakhouses, go to Herbs and Rye and thank me later.

Rollin Smoke BBQ: Instead of a hotel buffet head over to Rollin Smoke for all you can eat BBQ that will knock your socks off!

Hawaii Poke: The best fresh fish in town hands down. Served out of a storefront the couple that runs this place close every Tuesday to get fresh fish flown in from Hawaii. I guarantee this will be the best Poke you ever eat and ruin you for all fast food poke bowls for life.

Vegas Cosmetic Symposium 2017

Best Coffee on the strip:

Sick of hotel coffee?

Walk over to the Monte Carlo Park and get a cup of SambaLatte. Way better than Starbucks, ask for the pour-over of Sambabaia and delight in the rich delicious chocolate flavors or indulge in a Nutella Latte .

Happy Hours:

Like Beer?

Who doesn’t?

From 5-6 PM you can go to Cabo Wabo at the Flamingo ( pretty much kitty corner from the Bellagio) and get Coors light for a nickel. That’s right just 5c gets you a full 16 oz Coors light.

Another great happy hour can be found at Harvest in the Bellagio where there are $7 wines and small plates.

Lastly if you want to do a reverse happy hour Bahama Breeze has reverse happy hour from 9 until close every day but Friday and Saturday.

Free Drinks? 

If you will be exploring the strip there is an app called Cityzen which when downloaded onto your phone will get you 5 free drinks at different bars in the city EVERY day. So definitely download that if you’re going to be out and drinking.


Avoid Credit Cards in Cabs!

You’re all smart surgeons and medical professionals, who probably use Uber or other ride sharing apps but if you don’t be careful when using your credit card in Taxis as they will charge you a whopping $3.00 fee for using your card. Use cash in cabs always!

That about wraps it up, I look forward to meeting all of you there and if you’re interested in downloading my free report on 7 types of content you need to create online  Click Here!

For the record I did not receive compensation or affiliate commissions for any of these recommendations these are all just my favorite places and apps for going out in Las Vegas.

Have a great VCS 2017 and I’ll talk to you soon!


Jon Lee