Review: The Collected Works Of Machiavelli and Donald Trump

I recently went through the great courses Machiavelli in context by William R Cook

And I was struck how much the collected works of Machiavelli were echoed in what we have seen from Donald Trump

There are 10 Ideas that come from the collected works of Machiavelli both in the Prince and his other writings such as his study of Liddy the ancient historian that match up with Donald Trump to the point I wonder if he listened to this course before running for president.

Here are the 10 ideas:

1. Make Florence Great Again was one of Machiavelli’s political slogans
2. Law and Order
3. Soldiers who love their country > Mercenaries or others
4. Better to be Feared Than Loved
5. Don’t keep Nobles around
6. Nationalism
7. The idea of republics vs democracies and oligarchies
8. Slight Concessions to those wronged
9. Boldness
10. Divide and Conquer

In the full video on my youtube page, you can learn more about each of these ideas and how DT adopted them.

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