How To Steal $7.5 Billion Dollars, Date A Supermodel, Produce A Movie and Get Away With it!

How to Steal $7.5 billion dollars, party with celebrities, date supermodels, produce “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and get away scot-free!

That’s what Jho Low did and the book Billion Dollar Whale explains how he did it.


In this short video review, I go over the INSANE story of Jho Low told by Tom Wright in the awesome book “Billion Dollar Whale.”

Jho Low conspired with the Prime Minister of Malaysia with the help of some middle eastern money men and of course Goldman Sachs.

In this video review, you’ll learn”

  • Why bankers are still the shadiest people in the world. As well as how one banker leveraged the fees he earned with this scam into a marriage with a celebrity and a $24 million dollar home in Beverly Hills.
  • How look-a-like companies, shell corporations and the British Virgin Islands were integral to this plot and money laundering in general.
  • The big break in this book that launched a nightclub empire!

All that plus more from one of the most fun books I read this entire year.

Check out the full video here:

Billion Dollar Whale by Tom Wright Review