Book Review: Connecting With The “IN” crowd by Brandon Wade

I go to a lot of networking events.

I aim for 2 a week so I spend about 100 nights year meeting people, and talking about their businesses while building relationships.

And the biggest problem I have is that I often end up in rooms or at events with people who can’t afford my services.

Which is why I picked up a copy of Connecting With The “In” Crowd by Brandon Wade. Wade is a self made millionaire and the creator of websites such as Seeking Arrangements and Misstravel. Both Miss Travel and Seeking Arrangements as well as several of Wade’s other sites deal with wealthy men and women and those who want to date them, which makes him uniquely qualified to write this book.


If anyone knows what millionaires are looking for (and what turns them off) online it’s Brandon Wade.

The book is mostly written for those looking to date a wealthy man or woman. As someone who has used both SA and Miss Travel in the past I must say that Brandon really has a great grasp on what his various types of members are looking for whether it’s someone to party with or someone to teach.

The book starts by describing the inhabitants of “Richistan” a term coined by author Robert Frank in his book of the same title to describe a new breed of workaholic wealthy who reside online.

There are 7 chapters on different ways to meet millionaires online depending on your goal, I’ll quickly re-cap them here.


  1. Finding employment with a millionaire. In this chapter Brandon gives no nonsense advice on the different types of jobs millionaires hire for such as chefs and personal assistants and gives you some resources like Wisegeek and other millionaire job sites to get you started on your search.
  2. Cultivating Millionaires for political or charitable campaigns. This chapter explains the difficult business of getting a millionaire to donate to a charity or political cause. Brandon lays out 8 simple steps to introduce the topic and feel the millionaire out without being pushy or springing into a difficult political conversation.
  3. Developing a network worth a million. This was the chapter I was really interested in as I am looking to develop my network of millionaires. I thought the advice in this chapter was great and I am already using a couple of the resources such as the book on using negative thought Illuminate by David Corbin
  4. Finding Investors. Another common goal when looking to network with millionaires is to garner an investment into a startup.
  5. “Goal digging.” The term goal digger was coined by Alicia Dunams in her book “Goal Digger: Lessons Learned From The Rich Men I Dated.” The term means a man or woman who looks to meet and learn from rich and successful people. Similar to a mentee a goal digger looks to learn from those who already done what they are looking to do. The chapter also goes over a goal digger’s code of ethics to avoid leading the millionaire on.
  6. Romance. The chapter on romance goes through some do’s and don’ts for your online dating profile and your general dating decorum. It also outlines the “millionaire” mentality and how that affects dating before laying out some resources for dating millionaires (and even celebrities) online.
  7. Partying. Last but certainly not least the chapter on partying with millionaires is all about If you’ve ever wondered how people end up on those private jets or partying in exotic locales like Tulum this is the chapter for you.

There were also some strong warnings and inspiring success stories. I have read a lot of books on networking and they all have the same problems, too generic, no real tactics or techniques. Not this one. There were resources in every chapter and simple step by step directions for accomplishing your goals. 

I learned a lot and look forward to building a network worth a million (or 3). I highly recommend you check out this book if you are interested in networking with the wealthy online.