Is Email Marketing Still King in 2018? These 5 Statistics say YES!

One of the most pressing questions as a content marketer is how you should be distributing your content.

If you don’t distribute your content right, you get the horns!

Should you be writing blogs, making videos, sending out a weekly newsletter, posting on social media multiple times a day etc…

The short answer is yes.

To all of it.

But one thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to return on marketing investment in real dollars, email marketing is still the king.

And as they said on the Wire, “The King Stay The King.”

Here’s 5 Stats that back up email marketing’s dominance:

  1. Welcome emails generate over 320% more revenue on a per purchase basis than any other email!
  2. 80% of retail companies surveyed said email drives retention and acquisition of customers. Social media comes in second at just 44% or about half.
  3. Email has the best ROI for marketing your marketing dollars. In the US it is $44 per $1 invested.
  4. 73% of millennials prefer email over other channels. Which means that more and more business is going to be done over email.

Email subscribers are almost 4 X more likely to share your content. People who join your email list are more likely to be fans of your work or company and are thus more likely to share. As Dan Kennedy once said if you can assemble a group of 1,000 rabid fans, they will support you and your business for life.

As you can see email should be a focal part of your content marketing strategy, no matter what business you are in.

Get More Cosmetic Surgery Patients Using Video

If you’re using video in your cosmetic surgery marketing, I want you to ask yourself a question.

Do the videos you use actually get more cosmetic surgery patients for your practice?

Are your videos getting you cosmetic surgery patients
Are your videos actually getting you clients or are they just cute like this dog video?

See while video is all the rage in cosmetic surgery marketing, 90% of the videos created don’t actually get more patients in your door.

On the other hand, If the thought of using video to get more cosmetic surgery clients conjures up images of sleazy East Coast Doctors posting live surgeries on Snapchat, hopefully this article will inspire you to consider using video in marketing your practice as it can be an effective technique without sacrificing your reputation.

Google Rewards Video

I don’t want to bore you with the details but since Google introduced “Universal search” which produces a mix of information and video in 2007, almost every major update whether it’s Penguin in 2015 or Hummingbird in 2013 have led to video results being rewarded with high search rankings.

Videos are 53 Xs more likely to appear on page 1 of a google search

In addition Youtube has officially been the 2nd largest search engine online since 2013.

Video is a Search Category
As you can see Video is its OWN search category on Google.

So, how does a cosmetic surgery practice use video in a way that actually generates patients and doesn’t make you look unprofessional?

I’m glad you asked, there are 3 ways to get more patients with video:

  1. Send Demonstration Videos To Your Email List. One of the easiest ways to use video that will actually be send trackable patients through the door is demonstration videos which you can host on Youtube for free. In a demonstration video you can show potential patients how to correctly use products or explain and services and procedures in more detail. Using your Email management system you can see who opened the email and who clicked on the video link and follow up with those clients later on if they don’t contact you for an appointment.
  2. Go Live. One of the best ways to use video to get patients is to do Live Q and As on either Facebook Live or Google Hangouts. These Q and As will allow potential patients who either didn’t have the time or were too embarrassed to set up an in office consultation ask their questions without worry. You can even ask the potential patient to call you during the live Q and A and start to set up an appointment in real time as many of my clients have done.
  3. Offer Skype, or Google Hangout Consults. The last way is where I believe the future of medicine is headed with companies like Plushcare  already providing medical consults for non threatening conditions over an App.  Ultimately I believe that is how most medical consults will take place and any steps you can take to be an “early adopter” of this kind of technology will allow you to get more patients in the door. You may even be able to charge between $20-60 for the consultation in addition to booking more procedures.

Most Cosmetic surgery practices are either not creating video content or are creating the wrong kind of content for social media sites that don’t have buyers like Snapchat where the average age is between 13-24 not exactly prime cosmetic surgery prospects.

Instead you want to use video in the 3 ways I listed above to actually get more cosmetic surgery patients.

I want to hear from you, what other ways have you tried to use video and how has it worked or not worked?

And if you haven’t already be sure to download my Free Report on 7 Types of Content To Get More Cosmetic Patients!