8 Ways More Sophisticated Online Marketing Can Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice!

You may not think you need to step up the online marketing for your plastic surgery practice, but this article will show you why you’re wrong….

Is your online marketing  and website up to date?

I Can Haz Cheap Leads Please?

While not every practice has the capability or desire to become a household name like Dr Paul Nassif or Dr Terry Dubrow, you know that you need to get more patients in the door and that the world in general is moving online.

Many surgeons who have been practicing for 10, 20, or 30 years are hesitant to invest a lot of time or money into online marketing.

But the problem is the old ways of doing business are dying.

The practices and medspas that survive will be the ones that can adopt to the new marketplace where it’s no longer enough to just have a website or put up posts on social media a few times a week.

In order to succeed in 2017 and beyond you need to have a significant focus on online marketing.

Here’s why:

8 Ways More Sophisticated Online Marketing Can Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice:

  1. Lower Lead Costs. The first way that more sophisticated online marketing will help to grow your plastic surgery practice is through lowering your lead costs. Leads are extremely expensive for Plastic Surgeons and almost all of the offline options are going to cost you several hundred dollars per lead. Online you can consistently get quality leads of high value patients for 80-90% less money.
  2. Huge ROI. Most of the marketing done for plastic surgeons and medspas has a relatively low ROI or return on investment. With online marketing, my clients consistently see a 50-60% return on their investment month in and month out because of the variety of ways to get more leads online.
  3. Drip Marketing To Nurture the Leads. As you know the plastic surgery sales process is fairly long and informative as patients want to make sure they are ready for the procedure and have the best possible doctor they can afford. With online marketing you can nurture the leads by “dripping” information to them every few days to until they come in for a consultation. This is much less intrusive than calling every few days and allows patients to feel more comfortable and less like they are being pressured.
  4. Build your email list. In addition to generating new customers, online marketing allows you to capture new email addresses and names in order to build multiple email lists for different procedures or services and then drip the most relevant information to those prospects most interested in each procedure.
  5. Better SEO. The more online marketing you do, the easier it will be to find your website. Google looks at content created, relevance, and consistency in order to decide what is important when the end user is searching. Many forms of online marketing like blogging or podcasting create engagement and what’s known as “Brand Signals” which make you easier to find on Google as well.
  6. Build Authority and trust. When you create content and other marketing materials online, you gain authority and trust. The more articles, reviews, videos, testimonials, updates and pictures of your work online, the more easily a searcher can determine that you are the best at what you do.
  7. Free up more time for you and your staff. Another huge benefit to online marketing is automation. Once you have your lead capture pages and autoresponders set up, you never have to have your staff email a new patient or remind them of an appointment ever again.
  8. Get more patients in the door. Last but certainly not least your online marketing efforts will get new patients in the door! Many potential patients are too embarrassed to walk into a plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation. These same people have no problem typing search terms like botox, or rhinoplasty into Google in the safety of their own homes. The bottom line is that more people search for information about plastic surgery online than refer on word of mouth or any other source of patients.

Wow that was a lot of information!

Let’s quickly re-cap so that you don’t miss out on any of the benefits of online marketing for your plastic surgery practice.

Good Advice Blogs: $999.99

I started off by asking you a simple question, is your online marketing up to date?

Those of you who answered yes right away probably left this blog post shortly afterwards, but the rest of you, need to really understand how big a mistake not actively focusing on online marketing for your plastic surgery practice actually is.

So to really drive the point home, let’s list 8 Ways More Sophisticated Online Marketing Can Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice once more.

  1. Lower Lead costs. It’s just cheaper to focus online.
  2. Huge ROI. It’s the best investment of your marketing dollars as well
  3. Allows you to nurture leads. The sales process is long for plastic surgery procedures online marketing lets you take your time.
  4. Build your email list. If you don’t have an active email list of your patients you are missing out on a ton of easy money!
  5. Better SEO. Get found better online by marketing online, I know a genius concept.
  6. Authority and Trust. Remember that the potential patient is going to study up on you so you want to make sure that they only see stuff that makes you a trusted authority.
  7. Free up more time for you and your staff. Automation is a wonderful feature of online marketing not available offline that can free up your staff’s time for better uses.
  8. Get more patients in the door. Last but not least you can get more patients online than anywhere else.

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Hope that helps,


3 Steps To Getting More Cosmetic Surgery Patients Without Advertising.

Get More Cosmetic Patients
Get More Cosmetic Patients Without Advertising

Getting more cosmetic surgery patients online can be difficult.

Getting more cosmetic surgery patients without advertising is almost impossible.


Your practice creates GREAT content that is RELEVANT to what potential patients are actually searching for.

Cosmetic Surgeons are notoriously busy and focused on performing surgeries. Office and facility managers are often overwhelmed and the result is a lot of cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas with very little content on their websites that are forced to overpay for leads!

Adwords Clicks are $2 each
As this Wordstream graphic shows Medical clicks are around $2 each on Adwords

The lowest cost of PPC Cosmetic Leads is around $116 and practices tend to spend between $1500 and $2500 a month on Adwords.

What if there was a cheaper way to get leads?

There is through creating specific content for your local prospects.

Let’s talk about how to do that in 3 steps.

  1. Find out what your LOCAL potential patients are searching for. The first thing you need to do is figure out what your potential patients are searching for. The best tool for this is The Google Adwords Keyword Tool. While there will be a lot of surgeons and practices bidding on broad keywords like “Cosmetic Surgery.” You’ll want to make everything local and procedure related. You’re looking for search terms like ” Rhinoplasty Pasadena” or “Botox Santa Monica.” You’ll also want to look for common search modifiers  like “best deal” or “Groupon” which can have a lot of  search traffic as well.
  2. Create GREAT content related to those search terms. Next you’ll want to create content that is actually helpful for these searches. Google rewards content that keeps people reading so the longer the better (no matter what your jobber marketing guy told you about 300 word blogs, Long Form Destroys Short Blogs On EVERY platform). You want to create comprehensive guides that answer the questions these searchers have.
  3. Distribute. If your practice has ever tried blogging or content marketing before with no results, here’s where you messed up. You have to distribute your content to as many places as possible. It’s not just enough to put up a blog or social media post, you need to then distribute it to various other blogs, content distribution networks, and influencers. You should be able to get other joint venture partners like Derms and Skincare lines to promote your content as well.

Creating specific content based on the keyword searches that are happening locally around your practice and distributing it is the easiest way to start getting cosmetic surgery clients without advertising.

But how do you track it?

You’ll want to install a Google Analytics Tracking Code which will allow you to see exactly how many patients you are getting from your content.

If you want to go to the next level you can use a Re-marketing campaign and start advertising exclusively to those who have already read or watched your content thus lowering your ad cost if you choose to still advertise.

To re-cap:

Creating content allows you to both get cosmetic surgery patients without advertising and using Re-marketing will allow you to significantly lower your advertising costs if you still want to use Adwords.

You learned that the Avg cost per click for Cosmetic Surgery Patients is around $2 and most Cosmetic surgery practices spend up to $2500 a month on Adwords with a cost of lead of AT LEAST $116.

Then you learned the 3 steps to getting cosmetic patients without advertising:

  1. Find out what local searches your potential patients are making
  2. Create GREAT content related to those searches
  3. Distribute your content

Lastly you want to make sure you’re tracking your content with tracking codes.

You now know enough to get started but if you want to learn The 7 Types Of Content Your Practice Needs To Be Creating, Click Here