The 5 Best Converting Keywords For Cosmetic Surgeons

Ever wonder if your website is using the RIGHT keywords to be found online?

Ever feel like an Ape did your SEO?

With so much to do day to day in your cosmetic surgery or Medspa practice, it’s easy to let certain things like Keyword research and updates slip through the cracks.

In this article, I’ll discuss the 5 best converting Keywords for Cosmetic Surgeons based on my work with over 2 dozen Cosmetic Surgeons across the US and Canada.

We’ll also take a look at WHY having the right keywords and updating them frequently is important.

Why are Keywords important for Cosmetic Surgery Practices?

Before 2011’s Panda update, you could engage in what is known as “Keyword stuffing” which basically means that Google was looking at how MANY times your website had the keyword contained in it, rather than how RELEVANT it was to the search.

For the last 6 years, Google has sought to move from keywords to keyword phrases as its machines get better and better at understanding how people actually search and the words they use (typos included).

More importantly there is a difference between what those in the data biz call “Commercial Intent Driven Searches” or  “Informational Intent Driven Searches” those where people are just doing their research.

And this is where we run into issues as a Cosmetic Surgery Practice because as you the reader know Cosmetic Surgery is a rather long sales process where potential patients often want to gather a lot of information before making a decision.

So you’ll want to further refine your keywords to differentiate between those that are commercially driven such as “Cost of Breast Augmentation” and those that are informational such as “Breast Augmentation Recovery Time.”

We want to focus on Commercial driven search terms as those tend to have much better conversion rates.

The 5 Best Converting Keywords For Cosmetic Surgeons:

  1. Breast Implants
  2. Breast Augmentation
  3. Liposuction
  4. Rhinoplasty
  5. Tummy Tuck
The most searched terms for cosmetic surgery are NOT the best converting.

Ok, probably not a ton of surprises there.

But I want to show you something.

Google Trends Data Comparing Botox to Breast Augmentation

This is a Google Trends search I did comparing Botox to the # 1 converting Keyword of Breast Augmentation.

There are almost 4 x as many searches for Botox as there are for Breast Augmentation over the last 6 months.

In fact there are TWICE as many searches for the generic term “Fillers” as there are for Breast Augmentation.

That’s 2 X as many searches for “Fillers” a generic term for injectibles than Breast Augmentation had.

Now I should note that Breast Augmentation has a MUCH higher price than Fillers and Botox but that only explains some of the search volume inequality. Additionally Botox and injectible patients usually require multiple treatments per year leading to a much closer Lifetime Customer Value than one would realize upon first glance.

The numbers don’t lie.

There are exponentially more searches for Botox and Fillers than ANY other Cosmetic Surgery related keyword.

If you want more traffic, you want to start featuring Botox and other injectibles as your main keyword phrases.

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