Decrease Your Lead Costs With This Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Case Study!

Learn How To Decrease Your Lead Cost by up to 175% with This Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Case Study.

One of the problems with a competitive field like Cosmetic Surgery Marketing is that there is not a lot of collaboration. Surgeons and Medspas tend to advertise themselves as the best which is a zero sum game.

Add to this that successful cosmetic surgeons are among the most competitive people in the universe and it can be difficult as a practice manager to see what is working for other practices and what isn’t.

The most successful surgeons like Dr Paul Nassif aren’t exactly handing out their secrets, so it can be a frustrating process of trial and error to find out how to actually find patients online.

In fact, even if you go to seminars like the Las Vegas Cosmetic Symposium, most of the speakers are going to tell you WHAT you need to do, but not HOW to actually do it. Leaving a lot of practice and facility managers shaking their heads while knowing that you need to be doing more online to get patients.

Which is something I wanted to change.

So I spoke with one of my first clients and convinced her to let me share the exact strategies, tactics and techniques we used to completely overhaul her practice and the Medspa that she shares with her husband.

In this Case Study you’ll learn:

  • Why your practice might be experiencing minimal results finding patients online.
  • How to use Mobile Marketing To Get Patients To Call Your Practice Today!
  • The # 1 Way To Find LOCAL Patients Online Without Advertising
  • The REAL reason that other marketing consultants haven’t worked for your practice.
  • The Untapped Power Of Reputation Sites like RealSelf
  • How to TRACK your Social Media Marketing Down To The Penny! No more wasting money on ads that get displayed 6000 miles away!
  • How to reach over 100,000 more potential local patients without increasing your advertising budget!
  • Why Surgeon SEO no longer matters and how to make sure you end up on the first page of Google!
  • How to rank # 1 on Google and Youtube for your top 5 surgeries!
  • Why having multiple practices could actually be hurting your online marketing efforts.
  • How to get over 100 new patients in the next 30 days!
  • Specific examples and screenshots of strategies for Google Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing, Event Marketing etc!
  • And much much more!

The best part is it’s completely FREE!

You don’t even have to sign up for a newsletter or give me your email address, all you have to do to get this FREE 18 page Case Study is Click Here

If your practice is struggling to stand out online and get found by the high quality-high value patients you’re looking for, the secret is not to re-invent the wheel. There are hundreds of successful Cosmetic Surgery Practices out there that have successful marketing practices. All you need to do is adopt those successful best marketing practices for your medical spa or plastic surgery practice.

Get my FREE Case Study and start getting leads for less!



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