3 Ideas For Facial Advertisement At Your Spa

3 Easy To Implement Facial Advertisement Ideas for  Medspas and Day Spas.

Facials appointments are vitally important to your Spa business.

They are also notoriously difficult to market due to the perception that there is not much difference between facial treatments which leads businesses to start competing on price, rather than positioning.

When services are being marketed on price we refer to the market as “Commoditized” because the service is being treated like a commodity which buyers look to get for the cheapest price possible.

So to avoid this commoditization of the services in your Medspa business, here’s 3 ideas for facial advertisements.

  1. Create a Branded Service with Video. The first step to avoiding commoditization is to brand your facial. If you’ve ever watched the “Realhousewives of Beverly Hills” you’ve seen Kyle Richards take her friends for an “Electric” facial. Whether you have a proprietary service or not you want to come up with a branded service title for your Facial that creates the right image in your potential patient’s minds. Once you have your branded service, it’s time to create a video presenting the service. It does need to be long or have a dramatic before and after transformation but your  video should show a patient being pampered and looking like she’s having the time of her life to focus on the EXPERIENCE, not the service.
  2. Create An Infographic. Know what people love? Lists! When you perform a facial your staff goes through a fairly comprehensive list of treatments. Write that list up along with a few images to create an infographic that walks the potential patient through anything they need to know about the service. The longer the list is the more comprehensive the facial treatment seems justifying higher prices.
  3. Create a VIP program. The # 1 marketing mistake I see from Medspas is a failure to maximize their lifetime patient value by getting the same patients you already have to come in for more services. It is 7 x easier to sell a cosmetic service to an existing customer than it is to try to sell the same service to a new customer. By creating a VIP program you can engage in commoditization without damaging your brand. Instead of offering lower prices to anyone off the street you can offer discounts to your VIPs and not risk competing on price as only your existing customers will know your sales prices.

There are many different ways to advertise your facial services, but these 3 should get you on the right track.

To make sure you or your facility manager can take this information and apply it, let’s quickly re-cap and give you an exercise that will help you create a branded service.

First we discussed why it’s difficult to sell facial services, namely it’s a broad term which covers many services leading to commoditization.

After that we went over 3 ideas for facial advertisement:

  1. Create a branded service video
  2. Create an infographic with a list
  3. Create a VIP program

You’re now ready to start marketing your facial services without worrying about competing on price.




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