All the AI and Machine Learning Writing I’ve been doing lately.


Lately I have been focused on carving out a space as a writer in the Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning space. So I’ve been doing a ton of research and writing a bunch of articles on Medium and other places.

Here’s some links to all the AI and ML writing I have been doing lately so that’s its easy to find in one handy dandy blog post. I’ll also give some Te-nahisi Coates style post breakdowns on what I could have done better or liked about each post.

  1. What is Deep Learning?

    This is the most recent thing I wrote on AI and goes into the process of deep learning using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). This piece is pretty good but I could have included other examples of deep learning besides the 4 I put in there.

  2. 9 Ways Intelligent Automation Can Grow Your Business!

    This post was good for beginners in AI and business development. I think looking back on the piece I could have positioned it more to be specific to small and medium sized businesses as larger businesses have been doing this stuff.

  3. Separating the steak from the sizzle when it comes to AI and ML

    This post is good at outlining what is available right now, but I probably could have done a better job at explaining how close some these breakthroughs are to being reality.

  4. How Machine Learning and AI are Influencing Data Driven Marketing

    This post would be perfectly at home here on the Content Marketing King blog. If anything this posts shows how much data is being collected and how data focused the next generation of content creators will have to be to survive.

  5. Millennials, This how AI and ML will affect your job search

    I used to write a lot about the job search process because I find the process to be inherently unfair. Employers have all the power and often lie in job applications about the job or compensation. This post accurately lays out how the age of intelligent machines is going to affect finding a job over the next 20 years or so.

  6. 7 Ways That Machine Learning is Affecting the World

    This is a pretty basic list of applications of machine learning. It essentially lays out the areas that I would be writing about in later pieces. It is interesting to see how some of these areas like autonomous driving have been in the news lately.

  7. How Predictive Analysis is predicting Earthquakes, Court Decisions and Everything in between

    In the first piece I wrote around AI and ML I looked at the idea of predictive analysis and how AI and ML are being used to make predictions about everything from court cases to earthquakes with various levels of success. At this point I was still figuring out the differences between ML and AI.

Ok that’s most of what I have written about AI and ML that is on Medium I’ll have to track down some of the links in INC and Fast Company as they tend to change fast.

I’ll be sure to post more about AI and ML in the future as I continue to find a place for my writing on the subject.