7 Ways To Make Your Content Mobile Friendly

How much time do you spend on your phone consuming content?

Be honest.

Count all the time you spend reading articles, blogs, watching videos, and listening to podcasts.

The average American checks their phone 12-18 times a day and spends an average of around 3 hours on their phone each an every day.

Apple even released a new app called screentime to help people understand their mobile internet consumption.

Mobile internet use already makes up 71% of all time spent online.

62% of all mobile internet users have used their phone to make a purchase!

If you are looking to create and distribute content in 2019 and beyond you’re going to need to understand how to make that content mobile-friendly and how to distribute it in a way that leads to more content being consumed on your audience’s phones.

With mobile making up more and more of the overall web traffic you want to make sure that you are optimizing your content for mobile browsing. It’s no longer good enough to hope that your site is optimized for mobile. You have to make sure that you optimize all aspects of your content from blog pages, to images and even headline!

Don’t worry if you’re currently a mobile content newbie because, in this video, you’ll learn:

* The importance of optimizing all pages and content for mobile

* Why your visuals are even more important on mobile

* The role of podcasts in mobile content marketing

* How important your headlines are

* and an easy way to ask your audience how they are consuming your mobile content

Mobile content marketing is the future so make sure that you watch the video below and make the appropriate changes to your mobile content marketing to continue to rank and reach your audience in 2019 and beyond.

Watch the video here:

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