13 Unusual Content Marketing Successes Part 1:

“What the hell was that?”

If you have ever wondered what in the world a marketer is thinking, you’ve seen some unusual content marketing!

It can be difficult to find an unusual angle or fresh idea for your content marketing. Big brands have similar challenges but have been able to generate tons of earned media and viral views by thinking outside of the box when it comes to content.

Unusual Content Marketing

Content is key!

In this video, you’ll learn about 7 unusual content marketing success stories from companies like Rip Curl, SkinnyGirl, TLC TV and more!

Not only will this examples inspire you and help you get the creative juices flowing but you will also learn a ton of new ways to make your content stand out.

You’ll learn:

* How Rip Curl used User Generated content to dominate the surfing market

* The power of repurposing content and how TLC used it to create 3 hit TV shows!

* How Bethenny Frankel went from dead broke to selling her company Skinnygirl for $120 million dollars in less than 4 years!

* Why GM an old dog was able to learn the new tricks of social media and launch an incredibly effective Instagram influencer campaign!

* How Super Drug, an unknown cosmetics company used their beauty standards campaign to go viral and get millions of views!

* What the Gary V model for content is and how to use it!

* Why Current Affairs uses political takedowns to get views! All that plus much much more!

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