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Jon has over a decade of experience as ghostwriter/content writer creating content marketing for companies like Arby’s and Harley Davidson.

As a Ghostwriter, Jon has written and edited over a dozen books for clients including the Action! Coach Series, Golden Apples series and others. Ghost writing is an easy way to get your first book out into the world and launch your business to even greater heights. Whether you are looking to get more publicity, establish authority in your field or get discovered ghost writing your first book is the missing piece to building your empire. Be sure to watch the video below to see what ghost writing can do for your business.

As a content writer and content marketing strategist Jon has led dozens of product launches generating over $10 million in sales for products ranging from evergreen online coaching programs to men’s hygiene products.

Hire the best professional ghost writer in Las Vegas; Jon Lee for whatever content marketing and creation services you need. Don’t waste time and money with a big agency, instead hire a professional ghost writer and content creator to help you get your business to the next level!

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Content Marketing

Watch this quick video to learn about how content marketing can help your business and what you should look for when you hire a content writer.

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Ghost Writing

Writing a book is the # 1 way to take your business to the next level! Watch this quick video to learn about how a professional ghostwriter can help your business. You’ll also learn more about why Jon is one of the best ghost writers in the country as well as what to expect from ghostwriting services.

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Sales Writing

Having trouble getting your website traffic to convert to sales? Watch this quick video to learn how hiring a sales writer can help you start turning that traffic into dollars.

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About Jon

Jon Lee is a professional writer, speaker and consultant who specializes in helping small and medium-sized business owners. A professional ghostwriter for almost 10 years, Jon is one of the best ghost writers working with small and medium sized business owners.

If you are considering hiring a professional ghostwriter or just want to hire a content writer to help your business write better emails, and blogs book a FREE 15 minute consultation with Jon today!

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“Jon’s content marketing strategies were integral to the roll out of the V-Rod and his Social Media campaign was far and way our best performing.”

Dino Bernacchi

Director at US marketing
Harley Davidson

“Jon isn’t just a great copywriter, he’s a student of the craft and knows how to help you write copy that produces real world results! Hire him while you can!”

Vishen Lakhiani

Owner Mind Valley

Jon truly understand how to create a viral campaign using all platforms to get your business out there. He’s an absolute master at manipulating media to get free traffic.”

Ryan Holiday

Author of "Trust Me I'm Lying"
Head of Marketing American Apparel.